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128-bit SSL Digital Certificates

InstantSSL - Browser Compatibility

Announcement 28 August 2002:
99% of Internet users inherently trust InstantSSL Certificates -
equal to Verisign & Thawte

Browser Compatibility:
Internet Explorer 5.00 and above
Netscape 4.x and above
AOL 5 and above
Opera 5 and above

Comes pre-installed with:
Windows 98SE
Windows ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Mac OS 8.5
Mac OS 9.x
Mac OS X

Our new partnership with Baltimore Technologies sees InstantSSL use a new Root CA Certificate to issue InstantSSL, InstantSSL Pro and PremiumSSL Certificates.

Our new Root is trusted by over 99% of all current browsers comprising all Internet Explorer 5.00 and above, Netscape 4x and above, AOL 5 and above and Opera 5 and above and comes pre-installed with all Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Mac OS 8.5, Mac OS 9.x, Mac OS X operating systems.

Browser compatibility is increased to 99% - now equal to Verisign and Thawte. The increased browser ubiquity has not affected our prices, we are still the most cost effective!

For more details please fill in the enquiries form in our contact us section or call us on +44 (0) 870 2242499 or e-mail us at enquiries@centurywebdesign.co.uk

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